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Theophostics is a new and dangerous method of psychotherapy that involves occult visualization techniques.
Click here to see materials exposing Dr. Ed Smith's "TheoPhostic Counseling" (last updated on 5/12/2001)

Concerning BonnieJean's mother's father, Dwight E. Avis, Sr., widely misquoted by income tax protesters

Are you concerned about electromagnetic radiation from microwave ovens and wireless devices?

An engineer's thoughts on obstetric ultrasound

Click here for the audio analysis regarding Neil Armstrong's first words on the moon (2006 article)

What you heard about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fear, hype, and hypocrisy (Oct. 2016 article)

Did John G. Lake say we are "little gods," an "incarnation," and that God's purpose was to "deify the nature of men"? See my short video exposé. -- new 7/28/2018

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