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What about "the constitutional separation of church and state"?

(Garth D. Wiebe, September 2018)

Is there a "constitutional separation of church and state"? I put together two heavily illustrated videos, a short version and a long version, to show what the U.S. Constitution actually says about this, which is not what is popularly assumed, and also the two private letters that Thomas Jefferson and the Danbury Baptist Association in Connecticut wrote to each other.

You don't need to be a lawyer. Just remember your English grammar that you learned in high school!

Here is the short video (6:15)

Here is the video script for the short video:

Here is the long video (19:13)

Here is the video script for the long video:

Note: I tag "respecting" as a participle, not a preposition, since otherwise the sentence is not a parallel construction. This is not a grammar issue; it is one of proper English composition, to which I assume the original authors conformed. In any case, the difference in meaning is inconsequential and it is not my intention to make an issue of it here.

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